2020 Call for Papers

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The 14th Organisational Economics Workshop (OEW) will be held ‘virtually’ on 21 – 23 October 2020 (Wednesday to Friday), hosted by UNSW. This year the OEW will be held in conjunction with a series of lectures by Professor Steven Callander on ‘Learning Across Alternatives: Search, Experimentation, and Communication.’ A brief description of these lectures is given below:

"Learning from our experience is pervasive. When a research project fails, a job proves unsatisfying, or a book recommendation is bad, we not only abandon those choices, but the failures inform our future choices. Standard models in economics do not capture the interdependence across alternatives that drives this learning. These sessions will introduce techniques to model learning across alternatives and explore four distinct applications."

We are soliciting submissions on the economics of organisations, very broadly defined. (If you’re not sure whether we might be interested in your topic, we’re probably interested!) Empirical, experimental and theoretical work is welcome.

Please send your OEW submissions to hello@orgecon.org. Drafts and extended abstracts are welcome. The deadline for submission is 1 October. Participants will be notified in the first week of October.

Help us to spread the word by sharing this call for papers with others who might be interested. You are also welcome to attend the OEW without presenting; please register here

See you at the workshop!

Program Committee

Scientific Committee